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Banking Transparency

The principal provisions of law and regulations concerning transparency for the safeguard of the customers are listed hereunder.


The Customer has the right:
1. to be informed on the main risks of general or specific character connected to the operation;
2. to be informed of the complaints procedures;
3. to receive an original copy of the stipulated contract;
4. to receive periodical information on the progress of the relation, at least once a year, by means of an analytical communication which provides clear and exhaustive information thereof;
5. in the case of unilateral normative variations to the articles of this contract, or financial changes that are detrimental for the Customer, to receive written notice under the terms and conditions provided for by the current laws;
6. to withdraw from the contract, in the case of unilateral variations not generalized by the contractual conditions, within thirty days from receipt of said notice;
7. in the case of generalized contractual variations, to be notified by way of billposting in all the bank’s Branches in a clearly visible position with clear indications of the relative current regulations, issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino. The generalized unilateral variations must be communicated, in any case anyway, individually to the Customer, at the first useful occasion, within the scope of the periodical communications, for the purpose of allowing the latter to exercise the right of withdrawal in the modalities provided for by the Supervision Body, within 60 days;
8. to obtain, if the right of withdrawal is exercised following a unilateral variation, the application of the conditions previously applied;
9. to obtain, at their own expense, within a suitable term and anyway not more than 90 days, copy of the contracts and documentation inherent to the single operations performed in the last ten years; the same right rests with whoever succeeds, under whatever title, in the administration of the assets, in pursuance of the provisions of Article 36, paragraph 7, of the LISF;
10. To have and to request copy of this Notice.


The Bank:
1. is obliged to ha draw up contracts in writing, except in the normatively established cases;
2. has the duty to inform the customer on unilateral contractual variations, for the purpose of enabling withdrawal rights;
3. must make sure that all publicity and adverts are clearly recognizable;
4. Is obliged to specify, for the contractual conditions, the explicit reference to the procedures to follow and the documentation to consult in order to receive information which is complete and suited to the advertised financial product or service.


Customers may request general information on products and services at any Branch, as well as consult this site
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Via Monaldo da Falciano, 3
47891 Rovereta (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940900
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Via Monaldo da Falciano, 3
47891 Rovereta (RSM)
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47890 San Marino (RSM)
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Via Fabrizio da Montebello, 5
47892 Gualdicciolo (RSM)
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