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All the securities negotiable by the bank are available on the Web Banking of BSI :

Equities, ETF,  Equity Funds, Covered Warrants, Certificates and Convertible Bonds  listed on the following markets: Italy (MTA, Bit Eq MTF, AIM, ETFplus, SeDex, MIV, Chi-X, Book di Bats Chi-X Europe) United States, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal, Germany Xetra2 included, Swiss, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Luxeumbourg, Poland, , Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa.

Government Bonds, Bonds and Corporate Bonds listed on the regulated markets or on a Mtf or unlisted: MOT, EuroMOT, ExtraMOT, EuroTLX, Hi-MTF. Moreover the bond markets of Germay (FRNK, GERM) are available, while in relation to the  UNLISTED BONDS the orders are executed OTC via 30 main Market Makers operating in the international markets.

Funds and Sicav of the main global investment management corporations  
Thousands these products issued by main global investment management corporations are negotiable.
CHARTS AND NEWS are always up to date on the markets thanks to agreements with the best financial news providers.

bsi en investment-trading-online 020 Headquarters
Via Monaldo da Falciano, 3
47891 Rovereta (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940900
Fax: (+378) 0549 940980
bsi en investment-trading-online 021 Rovereta Branch
Via Monaldo da Falciano, 3
47891 Rovereta (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940961
Fax: (+378) 0549 940981
bsi en investment-trading-online 022 Dogana Branch
Via III Settembre, 89
47891 Dogana (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940963
Fax: (+378) 0549 940982
bsi en investment-trading-online 023 Borgo Maggiore Branch
Via 28 Luglio, 99
47893 Borgo Maggiore (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940965
Fax: (+378) 0549 940983
bsi en investment-trading-online 024 City Branch
Via Gino Giacomini, 150
47890 San Marino (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940967
Fax: (+378) 0549 940984
bsi en investment-trading-online 025 Gualdicciolo Branch
Via Fabrizio da Montebello, 5
47892 Gualdicciolo (RSM)
Tel: (+378) 0549 940969
Fax: (+378) 0549 940985
bsi en investment-trading-online 026 Fiorentino Branch
Via Del Passetto, 34
47897 Fiorentino (RSM)
Tel 0549 940971
Fax 0549 940986
bsi en investment-trading-online 027
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