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The Web Banking service of the Banca Sammarinese di Investimento is modern, advanced and secure.
All inquiries and instructions are exchanged in real-time to ensure maximum efficiency and timeliness. All the original bank documents (statements, notices, statements of account, fees and interests for the period ...) are available and downloadable in PDF format. Through your Web Banking, using a standard internet connection, you can instruct any kind of banking operation and query for your business or private needs. You can set up your devices for the most suitable security during all the steps. The Banca Sammarinese di Investimento offers you also a free Text Message notification for updates on each single transaction done via Web Banking. 

Safety devices combined in access:
  • login and password;
  • client certificate;
  • authentication with QR Code;
  • access notification via email.
Combined safety devices available:
  • password authorization table;
  • confirmation of authorization by QR Code;
  • authorization confirmation via Text Message;
  • email notification provisions;
  • text message notification provisions.
Information functions:
  • balances and movements;
  • cheque situation;
  • conditions and fees and interest for the period;
  • Operation Reference Code list for credit transfers sent on the network;
  • established users;
  • payment notices;
  • situation of the presented portfolio;
  • outstanding payment situation;
  • loan situation;
  • POS operators account statement (details of payments received made ​​through POS);
  • financial investments (certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements, securities portfolios, asset management ...);
  • bank documentation;
  • Italian ABI/CAB bank routing code search
Dispositive functions:
  • wire transfers;
  • salaries
  • transfers;
  • intrabank fund transfer;
  • international wire transfers;
  • payment of bills;
  • bill presentation (Bank draft, Commercial Direct Debit);
  • management of posts from the Electronic File Alignment.
Other functions:
  • loan rate modeling;
  • family budget;
  • IBAN code verification;
  • sundry archive management;
  • beneficiary archive managment;
  • Census of secondary users (eg employees) with the possibility of profiling individual functions (interrogative and dispositive) and assigning specific powers of authorization.
You can also choose the configuration that best suits your needs:
  • Web Banking only informative (there are no device functions)
  • Basic Web Banking devices;
  • Web Banking Plus device (in addition to the Basic version it allows portfolio management and trading abroad);
  • Web Banking Corporate device (in addition to the Plus version it has the functionality of the CBI for the complete management of business relationships operated c/o other banks)
For assistance or to request further information, please contact (+378) 0549 940901

To access the Web Banking service, please click here


The Banca Sammarinese di Investimento adheres to the CBI Consortium and as such can connect your company both in assets and liabilities.  You can manage all your accounts directly from your Web banking, with a single tool, even if operated by other banks.
The Corporate Banking Interbank, known as the CBI, is an electronic banking service which was established in 1995 to allow the sending and receipt of payments via standardised messages as well as the receipt of all the accounting information required for cash management activities.The CBI is therefore an electronic flow service relating to banking and commercial operations made ​​available by a Bank, which is defined as the Proponent, to a client company, as well as from the Proponent of other banks, defined as Payable. The service provides an electronic link between the company and the Proponent bank and allows the exchange of electronic flows with all payable banks, as well as with the proponent bank, through the use of an appropriate network infrastructure which is owner governed by the CBI. The flows established by an enterprise may contain provisions for collection and payment, while those prepared by banks include the results of provisions for collection and the necessary information for cash management. The new network infrastructure has also enabled a number of innovative services, which are compliant with international standards, being expert in document management, reporting and reconciliation. The CBI Consortium provides customers with adequate levels of service, even through the enforcement of rules.

Should you require further information about the CBI, please visit the Consortium's webpage


If you are using smartphone devices or other similar devices, the Banca Sammarinese di Investimento will provide you with the potential of the Web Banking service together with a specific interface, which is designed to ensure maximum usability on all new generation devices.
Furthermore, if you have already activated the Web Banking service, you can request free Mobile package activation and maintenance from all our branches

For assistance or to request further information, please contact (+378) 0549 940901


If you have a website designed for online sales, we can put a powerful platform to collect payments with credit cards in complete safety at your disposal.
Selling on the internet you have the chance of reaching millions of customers around the world, responding flexibly and quickly to the demands of a rapidly evolving market. The Banca Sammarinese di Investimento uses the XPay CartaSi service, if you need further information please contact our sales department or visit the provider webpage directly


Telephone and mail order sales are widespread channels which are already used by millions of consumers and thousands of users. For the management of distance sales, we can put a powerful platform known as Mo.To at your disposal that replaces the traditional paper or phone request mode for authorization and/or accounting.The Banca Sammarinese di Investimento uses the XPay CartaSi service, if you need further information please contact our sales department or visit the provider webpage directly


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