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The Web Banking of  Banca Sammarinese di Investimento is one of the most modern and safe of the sector. All the tools and instructions work in real time in order to grant efficiency and speed. It is possible to check all the documentation (accounting documents, communications from the bank, account statements etc.) and download it in PDF files. Wherever you are, you just need an internet connection in order to check your account, executing transactions in a simple and safe way. From the menu investment you can check your portfolio, search for financial products on the markets, bonds and common funds houses for Funds and Sicav. Moreover you will be able to customize the safety level in the settings of your devices. Banca Sammarinese di Investimento provides also a free service of SMS notification which alerts you any time you execute a trasaction via Web Banking.

Login safety settings:
  • login and password;
  • cient certificate;
  • QR Code authentication;
  • emai login notification.

Execution phase safety setting:
  • chart authorization password;
  • authorization confermation with QR Code;
  • authorization confermation with SMS;
  • disposition notification via emai;
  • disposition notification via SMS.

Informative utilities:
  • movements and baance;
  • checks;
  • terms and conditions and reports;
  • C.R.O. ist of the bank transfers executed;
  • eectronic billing list;
  • payment notifications;
  • rea time situation of the credit lines;
  • unpayed items situation;
  • mortgage situation;
  • movements and baance merchants’ POS (details of the incoming payments received via POS);
  • securities portfoi;
  • foreign currencies exechange rates and ists;
  • banking documentation;
  • ABI/CAB search.

Executive tools:
  • bank transfers;
  • saaries;
  • wires; 
  • internationa bank transfers;
  • drafts and checks payments;
  • credit ines presentation (Ri.Ba, RID);
  • management of messages of Eectronic Archives.

Securities and deposits
  • Rea time portfolio and market value;
  • Movements of the executed trades;
  • Search of financia products;
  • Search for market price ists;
  • Insert orders for securities, bonds and al the main funds houses for Funds and Sicav;
  • Orders monitor.

Other tools:
  • famiy periodic report;
  • IBAN check;
  • mortgage simuation;
  • management debtors archive;
  • management beneficiaries archive;
  • registration of secondary users (e.g. empoyees) with the possibility to set up all the authorizations and executive powers.

You can choose the best type you need:
  • Ony readable Web Banking  (any possibiity to execute transactions);
  • Basic Executive Web Banking;
  • Pus Execlutive Web Banking (additional tools like management of your portafoglio and international commercial transactions );
  • Corporate Executive Web Banking (other additional tools like CBI (link at page 49) for the full management of other accounts with other banks.

For further information and assistance please contact (+378) 0549 940901

Login the Web Banking click here


If you own a website already set up for online selling, we can provide you a modern platform for your incoming payments done by credit cards, the system works in a really safe way. Online selling allows you to reach million of customers wordwide, becoming more and more flexible in the market which is growing every year.
Banca Sammarinese di Investimento uses “Pay On Web”, a service provided by Moneynet. For further information please contact our commercial department or visit the web page of the supplier supplier web page, thank you.


Phone selling and mail order selling are widespread channels already used by million of clients and merchants. In order to manage you distance sellings we can provide you  Mo.To supplier web page which is a modern platform and it replaces the traditional phone selling or hard copies of documents to be signed by both parties and registered.
For further information please contact our commercial department or visit the web page of the supplier supplier web page, thank you.
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